Half Day Sedona Birding Tour

Length: 4 - 5 hours
Distance: 2 to 6 miles - flat, intermediate, and strenuous hikes available
What's Included: Round trip transportation, gourmet meal, beverages, snacks, daypacks, binoculars and spotting scope
Average Price: $115 per person

This Sedona birding tour is about visiting several sites and lots of birds. If you already have basic birding skills and you want to see all that the region has to offer, than this is the trip for you. This bird watching tour includes stops in several habitat types around Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona: shady riparian, sunny pinyon pine and juniper and, as we ascend closer towards Flagstaff, the sun-scorched landscape gives way to cooler ponderosa pines, which provides a different assemblage of avian species unique to that habitat.

Kestrel Sedona Birding Tour - Half Day Tour

Munds Mountain Wilderness

Relative to the bustling nature of Sedona’s more popular trails, the Munds Mountain Wilderness trails offer peace and tranquility - and great views. We could hike and bird for hours on the Jacks Canyon, Woods Canyon, Hot Loop, Munds Mountain, and Schnebly Hill Trails.

Difficulty: Moderate, rolling hills and elevation changes

Geat Egret - Sedona Birding Tour - Half Day Tour

Wet Beaver Creek

The Bell Trail parallels Wet Beaver Creek, keeping us at eye-level with the canopy of Cottonwoods that shades the beautiful creek, and the summer tanagers and Yellow Warblers that abound. A two mile hike winds along red canyon walls and then deposits us into the riparian zone. This Sedona birding tour provides cool riparian birding with some grassland and pinyon-juniper habitat.

Difficulty: Slight elevation gain for 2 miles, then a slightly technical trail to the creek.

West Clear Creek - Sedona Birding Tour - Half Day Tour

West Clear Creek

35 miles from Sedona, West Clear Creek is one of the region’s most beautiful riparian areas. Multiple stream crossings make for a more challenging hiking experience, but well worth the trip. Incredible views, extensive hiking opportunities and a diverse array of habitats provide a wildlife experience not soon forgotten.

Difficulty: Technical, stream crossings, elevation gain.

Wood Duck - Sedona Birding Tour - Half Day Tour

Stoneman Lake

At the northern most extent of the Red Rocks Ranger District, Stoneman Lake is one of the few natural Lakes in Arizona. And, at an elevation of over 6700 feet, provides a respite from the heat of Sedona, and habitat and birds not found anywhere else on the district. You will not regret including this stop in your Sedona birding tour!