Sedona Bird Watching Tours

We are happy to customize your Sedona bird watching tour to fit your birding and hiking experience level. We can take an easy, flat stroll in the riparian areas along the creek focusing on bird identification or your tour can include strenuous hiking. We can do it all … whatever you are up for!

Never birded before? No worries. We will explain the basic principles to identifying birds by sight and sound! We will show you how to correctly use binoculars, spotting scopes and field guides. These tools will open up the avian world that surrounds us every day, everywhere. Birding is not just looking at birds: It’s experiencing and connecting with the life cycles of the natural world and can easily turn into a life-long passion. In fact, birding is the fastest growing recreational activity in the United States and can also bring with it many other pastimes such as photography and videography, painting or field sketching.

If you are an avid birdwatcher and are hoping to add to your life list of birds, Birding Northern Arizona has access to a number of trails and a variety of habitat types. From the desert scrub found in the Verde Valley to the higher elevation Ponderosa pine forest close to the Mogollon Rim, these diverse landscapes can produce more than 50 different species of birds in one half-day trip and we offer the option to make as many stops as you would like, time allowing. At Birding Northern Arizona, we believe there is nothing more exciting than being outdoors, spotting a new or rare bird, and learning to distinguish individual birds by the behaviors they exhibit in the kind of habitats they prefer.

What's included: All Verde Valley and Sedona bird watching tours include water, gourmet snacks, a gourmet lunch for the longer tours, assorted beverages, high quality binoculars and spotting scopes, field guides, and a small daypack. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

What you should bring: Appropriate clothing for the season, as early morning, day and evening temperatures in the high desert can fluctuate greatly. Although it is consistently warm, a light jacket and thin gloves can keep the morning chill at bay. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are a must (no flip-flops or high heels). For tours with creek crossings, a second, lightweight pair of shoes, such as Teva or Chaco river sandals,

Black Throated Gray Warbler - Sedona Bird Watching

3 Hour Tour

Length: 3 hours
Hiking distance: 1 to 4 miles
Average Cost: $75 per person

Beginners welcome! A Sedona bird watching tour is a great place for you start a lifelong birding addiction. It doesn’t matter if you have never been bird watching before, because I love to teach people what it’s all about. And, I have all the equipment to get you started.  We have access to some of  the most gorgeous riparian areas along Oak Creek Canyon, walking along easily navigable paths under majestic Sycamores and Cottonwoods.


West Clear Creek Trail - Sedona Bird Watching

Half Day Tour

Length: 4 - 5 hours
Distance: 2 to 6 miles
Cost: Average cost $105 per person

This Verde Valley - Sedona bird watching tour includes stops in several habitat types around Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona: shady riparian, sunny piñon juniper and, as we ascend closer towards Flagstaff, the sun-scorched landscape gives way to mixed conifer forest, which provides a different assemblage of avian species unique to that habitat.

West Clear Creek Trail - Sedona Bird Watching

Full Day Tour

Length: 6 - 8 hours
Distance: 2 to 10 miles
Cost: $150-200

This Sedona birding tour is for those who are experienced birders or for those who want to experience everything this region has to offer. This all day tour will include a wide variety of stops in and outside of Sedona that will explore a variety of habitat types from desert scrub to piñon juniper to red rock, riparian areas, and high elevation pines.


Group Tours - Max of 6 People
First Two People
3rd Person
Each Additional
3 Hour Bird Walk
$75 $70
HALF DAY TOUR: 4-6 hours $225 $100 $90
FULL DAY: 6-8 hours
$300 $125 $115
Private Tours - Max of 6 People
First Two People
3rd Person
Each Addditional
3 Hour Bird Walk
$90 $85
HALF DAY TOUR: 4-6 hours $250 $115 $110
FULL DAY: 6-8 hours
$325 $150 $150