All tours have a maximum of 6 guests.

Group tours: The Sedona bird watching group tour will combine separate groups into one, introducing birders from around the world to each other. This can enhance everyone’s birding experience as we share knowledge and personalities. And, when there are more eyes looking for birds, more birds will be spotted, resulting in a more "birdy" experience for everyone.

Private tour: The private Sedona birding tour offers you and your group the flexibility to do anything that you want at the pace of your choosing. If you want to hang out by the creek and dip your feet in the water and relax, sounds great to me.  Alternately, there is the option to move quickly through various habitats, covering miles of terrain, or to make quick stops at each site to list as many birds as possible. 

3 Hour Bird Walk
$80 per person
HALF DAY TOUR: 4-6 hours $115 per person
FULL DAY: 6-8 hours
$150 per person