Summer Birds 2018

It’s been a phenomenal summer, with sightings of the eastern Yellow-throated Vireo, southern Arizona’s Rivoli’s Hummingbirds (formerly Magnificent Hummingbird) located in Oak Creek Canyon, a Broad-billed Hummingbird on Wet-Beaver Creek, Birding Northern Arizona and its knowledgable guides know exactly where to find the birds that are commonly found here, and those that are visiting our beautiful region. With an assortment of tanagers and orioles, wrens and warblers, sparrows and finches, and a mixture of birds of prey, central and northern Arizona is an excellent place to view and photograph wildlife. After a tour, there is plenty of time to kick it at the pool or creek, hike, run, bird or bike the famous Red Rock formations, eat at any number of gourmet restaurants, and sit back and take in a gorgeous southwest sunset.