Sedona Wetlands Preserve, a desert treasure

 The Sedona Wetlands preserve is a 27 acre preserve which disposes of the City of Sedona’s wastewater and effluent. It consists of several basins which provide habitat to a variety of waterfowl, shorebirds, and various riparian species. What makes it so special is its year round activity: it is a breeding area for marsh species (including Sora and Black-crowned Night Heron) that normally would not be here, it is an attractive stop for weary migrants during the spring and fall, and a great place for waterfowl to spend the winter. I personally feel very lucky to be able to utilize this incredible resource, and I can’t thank the local Audubon Society and the City of Sedona enough for all their incredible work to make this preserve a reality. It is a no-brainer for many of my tours because of the ease of viewing (when the cattails haven’t taken over) and diversity of residents and migrants. Thank you thank you thank you and good birding.


     song-sparrow sora-buttsora-stretches-winggreater-roadrunner-with-lizardsays-phoebe-advertises-signgreat-blue-heronmarsh-wrenhidden-common-yellowthroatblack-crowned-night-heronannas-hummingbird