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Let’s go birding in Sedona! Birding Northern Arizona is a dedicated birding and outdoor tour company led by experienced and professional guides. We are passionate about providing high-quality, fun and educational tours for the first-time birder or avid birdwatcher. Whether you want to plan an early morning stroll along Oak Creek Canyon or are looking for a more challenging hike, we would be happy to customize your trip to fit your birding and hiking experience level.

On one of our hikes, you may see birds only visible in the Southwest, such as the Painted Redstart, the Red-Faced Warbler and the Common Black-Hawk. We may also see a Hooded Oriole gleaning insects from the cottonwood canopy, or a Black-Crowned Night-Heron nesting near the shores of Oak Creek.

As an owner-operated company, Birding Northern Arizona is committed to protecting Arizona’s birds in their natural habitats and preserving the state’s pristine landscapes. Our philosophy is to leave these special places better than we found them.

We believe in the spirit of natural adventures. Our mission is to provide you with an outdoor experience like no other, revealing a world that you can’t see from a car window. Come hiking with us as we explore the beauty of Red Rock Country and discover unique birding opportunities.

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